Our President

Dr. David Hataj has served for over 40 years in the second generation family business. Completing his Master’s thesis of “Systems Theory and a Family Business” from Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. in 1994, his innovative approach to small business has birthed two more small businesses, two charitable trusts, and a partnership with the local high school in mentoring youth in the trades. Crediting his passion for the Marketplace and Theology of Work to the late Pete Hammond of IVCF and Dr. Paul Stevens of Regent College, Dave is a frequent speaker and consultant on the meaning and value of work.  Together with his wife, Tracy, they also serve extensively in Honduras, focusing on community transformation through the education and mentoring of young people.

Completing his doctorate in 2014 from Bakke Graduate University, Dave’s dissertation focused on developing a curriculum for high school students interested in technical education that emphasized character development and the role of mentoring relationships. Raising their three college age sons on a small farm in rural Wisconsin, Dave is truly “blue collar,” as he enjoys gardening, hunting, bee keeping, raising their own cattle and chickens, and cutting wood to heat their home during the long Wisconsin winters.

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